A Republican candidate in the 90th

Marcus CalabreseMarcus Calabrese has filed to run as the Republican candidate in the 90th. When we last saw him, he was a candidate for city council in Superward 6. He finished fourth in a 4-person race.

Other than not letting Joe Lindsey win this with no opposition, I can’t imagine why he’d run. Surely he can count:


No way anyone with a R next to their name wins this race. When I first got wind of the possibility of a Republican candidate yesterday, I just laughed. Redistricting made this district even more Democratic than it was before. Yes, a black Republican represented the district for one cycle – Winsome Sears – but that was a fluke: she beat the beleaguered Billy Robinson.

Let me say it now: when you lose, Marcus, don’t blame it on the lack of Republican support. Because even if every Republican in the district supports you, you’re still going to lose.


3 thoughts on “A Republican candidate in the 90th

  1. Algebra has never been one of my best subjects so your questioning my ability to count is a fair point. However I do count high enough to recall the number of elections you and I have both one.

    I was asked to run by a democrat and a Republican who both won in landslides and I have learned to take the advice of those who win. I welcome critics and have always derived great entertainment from this blog and others. I appreciate the time anyone takes to write about me and regardless of the outcome, I would always much rather stand and fight for what I believe in no matter how hard I fall. However I have always found more joy in surpassing expectations and I am grateful for those who join me in hoping that will be the case in August.

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