How to Survive Raising Taxes

The three incumbents running for Williamsburg City Council were all re-elected Tuesday, despite the fact that next Thursday they will almost certainly approve a budget that increases taxes, possibly multiple taxes. When City Manager Jack Tuttle proposed a budget two months ago that included increases in the real estate tax rate, personal property tax rate, … Continue reading How to Survive Raising Taxes


Is there a Senate deal that helps both sides?

With the opening of the Virginia General Assembly upon us in two days and with chaos threatening to reign in the Senate, is there a quasi-power sharing agreement that would satisfy by both sides and avoid a lot of aggravation? There very well might be. Democrats are claiming that Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling can't vote … Continue reading Is there a Senate deal that helps both sides?

The Republicans took some of the fun out of 2012

The fact that Newt Gingrich is leading the polls in the Virginia Republican Primary but didn't gather enough signatures to get on the ballot sort of sums up his presidential campaign so far in a nutshell. But Gingrich wasn't the only candidate who failed to make the ballot. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose campaign thus far … Continue reading The Republicans took some of the fun out of 2012

Things we learned in last week’s election

It's so much easier to wax profound over an election once it's over. For honesty's sake, I think I'm on record at various places online predicting that the Republicans would take control of the Senate, 21-19, that Del. Robin Abbott would win a squeaker in the 93rd House District and that Sen. John Miller would … Continue reading Things we learned in last week’s election

Ten things that are plucking my last nerve

On Facebook, I usually call this "Things I Hate." But I'll try to confine myself to political topics here and we'll just say these are things that are on my nerves, as the 2011 campaign rushes to a close and the 2012 presidential election kicks into gear.  1. The assertion, generally by Republicans, that a … Continue reading Ten things that are plucking my last nerve

The end of Republicans as we have known them?

Former Williamsburg City Councilman Mickey Chohany is facing off against incumbent Democratic Senator John Miller for the 1st District seat in this fall's elections. There are a lot of things you can say about Chohany as a candidate. Based on recent debate performances, you might say he's not ready for prime time. You might say he's … Continue reading The end of Republicans as we have known them?

Governor goes after state employees …again.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced this week that state employee retirement benefits might need to be cut, because the system has $18 billion in unfunded liabilities. He's right about the unfunded liability. Over the next 75 years it does total $18 billion. But that's not the state employees' fault. McDonnell has done little to endear … Continue reading Governor goes after state employees …again.

Washington is psychotic

"You'll get mesmerized /By alibis/ And limbo dance in pairs/ Please lock that door/It don't make much sense/That common sense/Don't make no sense/No more" John Prine "Common Sense" It's hard to believe that people we elected to represent us and who swore to act in the best interest of the United States and its citizens … Continue reading Washington is psychotic

Finding a way to govern

I read a fascinating article in The Atlantic this week called "How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans." It's written by Mickey Edwards a former Republican congressman from Oklahoma. I think Edwards has articulated what many of us have come to suspect of the two parties, that they are more interested in vying with each … Continue reading Finding a way to govern