ICYMI: Make most of do-over for the 3rd

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot last Thursday. The topic, of course, was the ruling last week (pdf) that Virginia's 3rd Congressional district has to be redrawn. If the 3rd is redrawn, the surrounding districts have to be redrawn as well.  This is a golden opportunity to get redistricting done right - … Continue reading ICYMI: Make most of do-over for the 3rd


Upcoming forums and debates

OK, so it's October and the election is coming up pretty quickly. A few items that may interest you. Senate candidates Virginia Senate Debate - Tonight (10/7), 7pm, TV broadcast on local NBC stations and CSPAN2. Moderated by Chuck Todd of Meet The Press. "The People's Debate" - October 13, 7pm, TV broadcast. Sponsored by … Continue reading Upcoming forums and debates

Been buried

Yeah, it's been like the picture here. The start of the semester always brings new challenges, no matter how much time I spend preparing in advance. Add to that the wife's surgery - with another one scheduled next Monday - and it makes for a real time crunch. Something has to give - and it's … Continue reading Been buried

ICYMI: Election season begins

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian Pilot Thursday. Labor Day marks the traditional start of campaign season. These days, that means the barrage of ads intensifies. Watching TV is about to become significantly less pleasant.  Already, the advertising is picking up. I guess it wouldn't be so bad except you have to … Continue reading ICYMI: Election season begins

Video: Rep. Scott 38th Annual Labor Day Picnic

Rep. Bobby Scott held his 38th Annual Labor Day Picnic Monday. After a pleasant summer, Monday was really, really hot! Nonetheless, hundreds gathered on the Newport News waterfront to mingle and hear from Senator Mark Warner. The group of electeds, former electeds and candidates in attendance seems to grow every year. It's been a while … Continue reading Video: Rep. Scott 38th Annual Labor Day Picnic

ICYMI: There will be math

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. I ran across an article - "Why Do Americans Stink at Math?" -  the other day that mentioned an old story about 1/3 versus 1/4 hamburgers. (Apparently, some folks thought the anecdote was made up - but marketing students have been hearing about it for … Continue reading ICYMI: There will be math

ICYMI: Next step towards marriage equality

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. In it, I discuss the correct decision by those involved in Virginia's marriage equality case to appeal the 4th Circuit decision in Bostic v. Schaefer to the U. S. Supreme Court. I have been hearing rumblings that some supporters of marriage equality didn't want the decision … Continue reading ICYMI: Next step towards marriage equality

One year ago today

A year ago this time, I was heading to Worcester, Maryland to get married. Right now, I'm  waiting for the decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on the Bostic case. Releasing it today would be a very nice anniversary present. I witnessed the original arguments in this case but and was, obviously, thrilled … Continue reading One year ago today

Women for Warner

Yesterday, the campaign of Mark Warner announced the support of women from across the Commonwealth. The list includes elected and former elected officials, activists and ordinary women who support Warner's re-election. You can add your name to the list here. Warner faces Republican Ed Gillespie in November.