Live blogging the LGs Blogger Day

Lt. Governor Bill Bolling’s Blogger Day afternoon session.

Speaking now is the LG about his legislative agenda. Concerned about rural Virginia and that is what drives his legislative agenda. His issues:

  1. Public safety
  2. Economic development
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education -this will be a longer term focus for him. Felt like he was not far enough along in this in order to include it in his legislative agenda this year. Some ideas about how to get more money out of the administration and into the classroom. Want to look at choice in public education. Increase teacher pay to get it to the national average, tie it to performance, and eliminate tenure.

The LG talked a bit about Operation Blue Ridge Thunder – a project being done in Bedford County. Spokesman is Shaquille O’Neal, who is a deputy. There was an incident where Shaq went out and the address was wrong.

Back to healthcare – childhood obesity. Things they intend to address:

  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity

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