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Troy FarlowApparently, someone has it in for Troy Farlow, the Democratic candidate for the open seat in the 96th House of delegates district. I’ve heard that the documents linked on Too Conservative have been shopped around to a number of media outlets. Is this a case of the blogs taking on a story that the MSM won’t touch? Who knows. Nevertheless, a close reading of the documents gives some clue to what really happened.

Note that the warrant for the arrest, executed 6/23/99, refers to an incident “on or about 10/15/1995,” a delay of nearly four years. The charge is misdemeanor hit and run, under Virginia Code Section 46.2-895. That section deals with the responsibility of a passenger in an automobile, in which the driver fails to report the hit and run. In fact, the warrant is quite clear that Farlow was charged “while being the passenger of a vehicle” involved and section 46.2-894, which deals with the driver, is scratched out . Under the code, the penalty for failure to report is either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on whether or not someone is injured. In this case, the warrant clearly says “misdemeanor” so, thankfully, no one was hurt. Farlow was fined $250 after pleading guilty.

Now here’s the real story. Farlow was raised by his mother and stepfather, his parents having divorced when he was about 4. In college, Farlow reestablished a relationship with his biological father. After college, Farlow was living in Richmond and his father in Chesterfield County. One evening, they were out together. His father was driving and hit another car. After checking to see that the passengers were not hurt, Farlow’s father drove off, and swore Farlow to secrecy. Later, Farlow went to an attorney and turned his father in.

Every kid wants a relationship with his “real” father and will do nearly anything to have one. Farlow’s father should have never put his son in that position. From what I’ve been told, Farlow’s father is a real piece of work, and was, no doubt, only looking out for himself. Farlow, albeit belatedly, did the right thing. For that he should be commended.

UPDATE: The Virginia Gazette story mentioned in the comments below is now available.  And I see that Too Conservative has up a story about a hit and run accident that occurred around the same time. Problem is, that story isn’t the accident involving Farlow. Note that the story he has up refers to a woman driver who hit a pedestrian. As The Virginia Gazette reports, the accident involved hitting another car. I understand that story was given to the newspaper at the time the other documents were delivered. Obviously, the writer dismissed it as being the applicable story after talking to other people, including Farlow’s attorney. 


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21 thoughts on “The real scoop on Troy Farlow

  1. This thread is a very interesting read. I wonder how many of the posters here will issue retractions and apologies in light of the truth finally coming to light, no thanks to Troy Farlow. Those pesky state police foiled him again.

    “Farlow told the Daily Press last week that after having a “crisis of conscience,” he went to authorities and turned in his father, who had driven away from the scene of a collision four years earlier.

    “But Corinne Geller, a Richmond-based spokeswoman for the State Police, told the Daily Press Tuesday that Farlow did not approach them until after a felony warrant had been issued for his arrest.

    “[T]wo sources involved in the investigation told the Daily Press that it was Farlow’s stepmother who turned in both Farlows.” (But Troy told voters a couple weeks ago that he had a ‘crisis of conscience.’ So he was lying? Oh my.)

    “One source said that during the investigation into the hit-and-run the state police repeatedly contacted Troy Farlow, who failed to show up for at least one meeting and refused to cooperate with the authorities.”,0,918673,print.story?coll=hr_tab01_layout

  2. How do you like the news today, spotter?

    So, where’s the shame, eh? I can’t wait to see if you are ethical enough to step up and admit you were wrong.

  3. Why did kerbin and farlow pick up and leave the shore so quickly…heard a rumor of computers acsessed at shore memorial by him through her….

    Posted by: S. Bono | March 15, 2007 at 10:22 PM

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