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Troy FarlowWhen the story of the hit and run charge against Troy Farlow emerged, I was contacted by the Farlow campaign. The result of that contact was this post. I’ve known Troy for a while but I treat information fed to me by campaigns (all of them) with a hefty dose of skepticism. Even after the post, I continued to question whether this was the whole story and was assured that it was.

Eight years after an incident, I guess memories become a bit hazy. In some respects, that was born out in the Daily Press article today.

“If a warrant came out on one date and I showed up on another date – then I’m sorry, I’m wrong,” Farlow said Tuesday.

Farlow said he is certain the police never contacted him in 1999. Farlow said he was hounded by a private investigator who tried to set up meetings to discuss the accident. Farlow said those conversations spooked him enough to hire an attorney and turn himself in.


Irv Blank, Farlow’s Richmond-based defense attorney at the time, said Farlow did not know the authorities were after him. “My memory is not that he came forward because he was charged,” Blank said. “My take on it was the charge was more pressure on his father.”

Blank said he believed that the insurance fraud case against Thomas Farlow was the focal point of the investigation. He said he couldn’t be completely sure because he destroyed old legal files – including Farlow’s – when he moved offices three years ago.

The State Police, on the other hand, remember the incident differently as do sources to the Daily Press. According to them, Farlow’s stepmother – who was in the process of divorcing his father – turned both of them in. And the State Police says they tried repeatedly to reach Farlow. No doubt they didn’t destroy their files and have the records to back them up.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am committed to telling the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. I get information from campaigns all the time and almost none of it ends up on this blog. I’m not into innuendo and gossip. In this case, I reported the “truth” as it was told to me. It appears that it just wasn’t the whole truth.

For that, I apologize to my readers.


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  1. Vivian—this is why I prefer the company of moderates and progressives. We hold ‘our” leaders/candidates accountable.

    If only the right wing extremists would learn this lesson…well then maybe then they wouldn’t be extremists?….I just keep thinking about how some folks continue to “excuse” Allen’s racist Macaca incident and prefer to blame everyone else….


  2. Sorry I missed the comments in this post. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it. I think all of us as bloggers try to do the very best that we can do with the information that we have. Until we get staffs to do research for us (ha!) there are going to be cases like this.

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