Delisting of HL: Lefty Blogs believes in the big tent

I just received the following via email:

Vivian —

I would have appreciated it if you would have asked me about the “delisting” of Howling Latina from – before you assumed it had anything to do with her views on the presidential race.

It didn’t. is an aggregator of local progressive political blogs.  The emphasis is on LOCAL.

Lately, we’ve working overtime to get LeftyBlogs running in a more stable and consistent way.  To that end, we recently removed about one thousand blogs from the aggregator.  The vast majority were dead blogs.  But a few dozen were blogs that weren’t doing local content anymore.

Among those was Howling Latina, whose focus has become almost entirely the presidential race.

Personally, I don’t care what her views are.  I understand that her position is controversial in the Virginia blogosphere, but you can rest assured that I’m WAY too busy to be personally tracking every twist and turn in the various slapfights that bloggers engage in from time to time around the country.

It’s my goal to ensure that LeftyBlogs is a big tent for progressives.  Now and then I hear from folks who are upset by my broad definition.  After all, what’s considered “lefty” or “progressive” in Oklahoma is a far cry from the way that people in San Francisco define those terms.  So, I keep it a very big tent.  The whole “PUMA” thing is silly, but it certainly fits inside my big tent.

As your blog tagline notes, all politics is local.  And on, that’s about the only thing that matters.


Kari Chisholm
President, Mandate Media

p.s.  Feel free to quote this message on your blog.  I just didn’t want it to get lost down there at comment #93.

And here is my response that I sent to Kari:


I apologize for not contacting you directly on this issue and making the assumption that the delisting was related to Howling Latina’s content. The leap I made was based on the series of posts in the Virginia blogosphere saying it. I was quite aware that Lefty Blogs has been working on the backend of things; in fact, I saw the notice up on the site about it. I just didn’t connect the two. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

More than anything, I appreciate that Lefty Blogs is the “big tent” that I thought it was. You reinforce my hope for Democrats.



20 thoughts on “Delisting of HL: Lefty Blogs believes in the big tent

  1. And this is how “discussions” go I guess. Thanks again for making my point again. There is always that new element here in modern Virginia that cares little for and about the history and traditions of the “Home of My Heart”. Thats okay we have a “big tent” here in the Commonwealth so its all good. When freedom rings it matters very little whether the sound originates on our left or our right as long as it keeps ringing. I just feel the manner in which this was handled in terms of the blog regardless of message does not ring true with our traditions. By the way , us Early American history buffs can direct you to some Revolutionary Era political satires that are far more over the top than this one so I think the debate over this one and those in publications like National Review or New Republic are rather tame historically, but I am always pretty sure I can direct folks to the ones targeting George Bush that will have those people certainly laughing. Such a political narrowness and warped reality has always been a by-product of freedom.

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