8 years at it

With this post, I started blogging in this space eight years ago today. Time has truly flown. As I look back over my posts from that first month, it's interesting to see what issues were important then and where we are today. Norfolk will again have council elections this May. There are new faces representing … Continue reading 8 years at it


Site note: comments

I've gotten some emails from folks who said they couldn't leave a comment on my blog because it was asking for some kind of log-in. Until one user sent me a screen capture, I didn't know what they were talking about. Unbeknownst to me, the fine folks here at WordPress.com, where this blog is hosted, … Continue reading Site note: comments

Testing 1,2,3: advertising

I have agreed to be part of a beta test here at wordpress.com for site advertising. This test is different from  the advertising which used to appear on this site (that I actually paid to have removed). Now I will share advertising revenues with wordpress.com, my blog's host. The ads are supposed to be tastefully … Continue reading Testing 1,2,3: advertising

Reminder: posts by email

Just a quick reminder to those of you who receive the blog posts via email through the Feedburner subscription service: your email doesn't reflect who is writing the post. Consider signing up for the newer service here, which shows that information. The newer option gives you more choices, too, including how often you receive the … Continue reading Reminder: posts by email

Site notes

A hearty welcome to the latest contributor here, Carol Garrison. You have already read some of Carole's post in the past as they have appeared as guest posts on the blog. Carole lives in Hampton and is involved in a number of issues. With Carole on board, we now have five people writing. One of … Continue reading Site notes

Nonprofit bloggers shine

By Mark Brooks I found this article a while back and hadn't had a chance to write about it yet. Rosetta Thurman, a blogger, consultant and author, posted on her blog, "Top 10 Young Nonprofit Bloggers to Watch". We might only think of blogging for politics or an interest that you like to keep current … Continue reading Nonprofit bloggers shine

Blogoversary: Five years old

Have to admit I almost missed this today. It's been five years since I made the first post on this blog.  I guess time flies when you're having fun - or something. If someone hadn't reminded me, I wouldn't have remembered. (I forgot last year but remembered two years ago.)  What was I thinking - … Continue reading Blogoversary: Five years old