No to Lee-Jackson Day, Yes to Virginia Heritage Day

Jim Hoeft over at Bearing Drift has an interesting proposal:

If Virginia is ever going to move beyond the days of racial prejudice and towards Jefferson’s more perfect union, where all men are truly created equal, then we must take action to alter this holiday.

Therefore, in an appeal to Governor Timothy M. Kaine and the General Assembly, please join in signing the following petition to end the observance of Lee-Jackson Day, and create a new holiday: Virginia Heritage Day.

If it is truly about “heritage, not hate,” then changing the holiday makes perfect sense. (The same argument is true for the use of another Confederate flag.)

So head on over and sign the petition.


50 thoughts on “No to Lee-Jackson Day, Yes to Virginia Heritage Day

  1. Yet another insensitive, intolerant call to abolish a White Southern holiday. Funny how everyone who claims to do the things they do in the name of tolerance, sensitivity and respect are themselves the most INtolerant, Insensitive and DISrespectful people alive.

    Tell you what. If Virginia would totally abolish the holiday for the womanizing communist plagarist negro king, THEN we could possibly discuss Lee-Jackson Day. On second thought…NAHHH. Virginia has honored Robert E. Lee for 120 years and Jackson for 105 years and I have personally honored Lee and Jackson for most of my life, including attending a public event for these two White Southern heroes for at least the last 20 years. We will NEVER stop honoring Lee and Jackson, we will NEVER honor the communist clown and if you do not like that…MOVE!!! OLD VIRGINNY is my home and it is alive and well!!! White Southern Solidarity!!!

  2. You know, Walter, it’s really sad when no one will even argue with you.

    It’s not that I don’t disagree with you, it’s just that your remarks are both sad and comical. I do disagree with you.

    You might want to look into some education for that big racist yoke you have around your neck.

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