Nonprofit bloggers shine

By Mark Brooks

I found this article a while back and hadn’t had a chance to write about it yet. Rosetta Thurman, a blogger, consultant and author, posted on her blog, “Top 10 Young Nonprofit Bloggers to Watch”.

We might only think of blogging for politics or an interest that you like to keep current on. There are blogs on sports, music, television, film, and a number of other subjects. I didn’t think about bloggers that work at nonprofit organizations. Even though I have experience in volunteering for nonprofits going back to 1982, the new technology was something I didn’t put together with nonprofits.

I urge everyone to check out Ms. Thurman’s site, as well as those of the other bloggers. Some very exciting and interesting work is being done there. These blogs are helping their organizations raise awareness, raise money, and performing a service (in most cases) that would otherwise go unmet.

Here are the names and the blogs that appear on Ms. Thurman’s list: (below the fold)

Allison Jones –

Akhila Kolisetty – Justice For All

Sam Davidson –

Elisa Ortiz –

Nikita Mitchell – Journeyful Life

Jessica Journey –

Ian David Moss – Createquity

Tara Connolly – Quarterlife Tango

Devin Mathias – More Donors blog

Tracy Webb – Black Gives Back


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  1. Wow, I never thought of that either. I’m totally pitching that idea to my dad for use with the local Red Cross Chapter. They do so much stuff on a daily basis that never gets the attention it deserves.

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