Site notes

A hearty welcome to the latest contributor here, Carol Garrison. You have already read some of Carole’s post in the past as they have appeared as guest posts on the blog. Carole lives in Hampton and is involved in a number of issues.

With Carole on board, we now have five people writing. One of the things that has been brought to my attention is that the daily email that some subscribers receive does not identify who is writing. That is a problem with Feedburner, which is the email subscription service that I used when I first set up this blog, when it was the only option I had. There is now another option which is much better in many ways and it automatically identifies the writer of each post. Further, it allows the subscriber to have control over the frequency of the emails that you receive. You can get an email every time something is posted, or you can get it once a week.

To use this newer service, you can click here, which will take you to the link on the blog for the signup.

Or you can continue using the old service – it’s not going away.

Thanks for reading!