10/17/11 financial reports – local races

Yesterday was the filing deadline for campaign finance disclosure reports for candidates on the ballot in November. The data below covers the period September 1 to September 30 and was taken from the Virginia Public Access Project, better known as VPAP. As of this writing, the information on VPAP is just the raw data from the State Board of Elections filings. Value-added data is to be available later.

Here’s what the records show for local races (note: * indicates incumbent):


1st (leans D)

John Miller (D)* – raised $177,368, on hand $92,145

Mickey Chohany (R) – raised $176,725, on hand $77,359 (includes $30,000 in loans)

Cash donation for Miller ($154,025) came from 213 donors while cash donations for Chohany ($41,850) came from only 60 donors.  Chohany had a whopping $131,700 in in-kind donations, the largest of which came from Media Placement Technologies LLC.

2nd (solid D)

Mamie Locke (D)* – raised $27,508, on hand $56,855

Thomas Harmon IV (R) – raised $13,394, on hand $9,248 (including $2,000 in loans)

Virginia Republicans may see an opportunity in this district, as reported by The Virginian-Pilot Monday, but I don’t.

6th (leans D)

Ralph Northam (D)* – raised $74,380, on hand $321,752

Ben Loyola (R) – raised $43,174, on hand $66,243 (includes $51,400 in loans)

It is going to be hard to overcome the cash advantage Northam has unless the governor decides to put some money in this race. Local Republicans are contributing but the big money is lacking. And not to beat a dead horse, but I still haven’t seen reported on Loyola’s financials the in-kind donation by the RPV of the poll they did for him.

House of Delegates

21st (leans likely R)

Ron Villanueva (R)* – raised $65,430, on hand $96,616 (includes $5,000 in loans)

Adrianne Bennett (D) – raised $37,331, on hand $9,031

As I said last month, Bennett continues to spend more than she’s taking in. Accordingly, I’ve updated this race.

64th (leans R)

Bill Barlow (D)* – raised $27,905, on hand $41,907

Richard Morris (R) – raised $106,849, on hand $54,484

This race is getting hot. Morris got significant help from state Republicans. I don’t know if it will be enough to take him past Barlow, though.

93rd (barely leans D)

Robin Abbott (D)* – raised $88,345, on hand $57,819

Mike Watson (R) – raised $118,213, on hand $26,623 (includes $12,047 in loans)

The RPV must really want this seat because their in-kind donations are large again this period. Abbott’s cash donations ($71,359) came from 106 donors, while Watson’s cash donations ($25,970) came from 71 donors.

94th (leans R)

Gary West (D) – raised $37,814, on hand $36,558

David Yancey (R) – raised $59,409, on hand $32,633

Another seat the Republicans really want. West’s cash donations – $34,235 from 63 donors – almost matched Yancy’s – $39,425 from 86 donors – and West leads in cash on hand. Boosting Yancey’s numbers are in-kind contributions from the RPV and the party leadership’s PACs.

95th (solid D)

Mayme BaCote (D)* – raised $9,155, on hand $12,988

Glenn McGuire (Libertarian) – raised $610, on hand $660

This will not be a competitive race, so this is the last report I’m making on it.

If you want an explanation of my rankings, see this post.


2 thoughts on “10/17/11 financial reports – local races

  1. I sure wish all localities were included in the VPAP local race reports. It would be infinitely easier than having to call/go to the courthouse or registrar to get them.

    There is no denying though, VPAP provides a wonderful service in a lot of ways.

    1. VPAP doesn’t have the money to do them all. The ones they do have are complicated by some of the candidates not filing electronically, which puts them virtually in the same position as us, having to get the copies from the local offices.

      As much as I dislike what they have done with the Whipple Clips, I still support their efforts in their original mission: to bring the financial reports to the public.

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