How much money does your doctor take from industry?

The investigative website ProPublica has announced further results in their investigation into money that is given to medical professionals by those in the medical industry, such as pharmaceutical companies.

It’s a very handy compilation of money listed from all 50 states that goes to professionals in the form of promotional items (pens, clipboards, etc) and dinners, to other items of value.

This is an ongoing project to which data is added as it is received. Some companies have begun to volunteer the information, while others wait for a deadline or drag the process out to wait as long as possible.

Let’s look at two companies, both of whose giveaways are from the time frame of Q3-4 2009 to the present. Eli Lilly and Pfizer companies alone list over $465 million of money or promotional products given to medical professionals nationwide. (Pfizer – $259.6m, Lilly – $206.1m)

As I was looking at available materials for this article, another source popped up. This time a writer for ProPublica wrote on the Washington Current blog (owned by Scott Nance) that the government has missed a deadline for drafting rules for the disclosure of this sort of information. To quote Marian Wang of ProPublica, the deadline “…came and went quietly and without any explanation from the Obama Administration.”

The rule drafting was to take place by October 1, 2011.

I recommend both these sites for information and also the figures by state and by doctor of money given to medical professionals by those in industry. Here are the current data for the Commonwealth (all 10 pages worth). The results of this survey are being constantly updated, so visit often for the latest information.

The Washington Current Blog


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