Hampton Roads judges in trouble

In an article this morning, it was noted that two judges in Hampton Roads are in trouble:

Norfolk Circuit Judge Norman A. Thomas faced tough questions Friday from state lawmakers with the power to give him another eight-year term. Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Judge Ramona D. Taylor was not invited for an interview – the only judge with an expiring term to be so snubbed, according to a legislative official.

An earlier blog post mentioned the two lawmakers who grilled Thomas about his 2005 plea by name: retiring Del. Bill Janis and announced candidate for AG in 2013 Del. Rob Bell.

I guess the panel figured Taylor, who was censured in 2009, is just not going to be re-appointed so why waste the time on an interview.

Judges from across the state were interviewed (pdf) Friday. It will be interesting to see the outcome as time progresses.


7 thoughts on “Hampton Roads judges in trouble

  1. Interesting conflict between the article you attached and the statement Norm made. The article stated he entered an Alford plea, he stated he didn’t admit there was evidence enough to convict.

    I know Norm well enough to believe that he thought the decision he made then was best for his kids, etc. but it sounds like he didn’t know what the Alford plea was. Or the paper mis-reported his plea. One may be liklier than the other.

  2. An “Alford plea” is a specialized enough term…it’s not immediately recognizable to someone who doesn’t have a law degree or hasn’t spent a significant amoount of time in courtrooms, that I really doubt it would have turned up a reporter’s story by mistake. Usually you have to fight to keep a technical term like that in a story and keep an editor from changing it to “pleaded no contest.”

  3. Hopefully, this will be fully investigated before any decision to reappoint. If he was not guilty, why wouldn’t his kids (who were in their late teens at the time) want to help to clear his name? I seem to remember he remarried right away too! Seems fishy!

  4. I think they need to investigate judge Randal Blow. He had a romantic tryst with one of the clerks in his office. I don’t know all the details, then he signed off on her termination paperwork. Several people said she should have brought charges against him but she was scared. [Name removed] clerk of the jdr court knew what was going on with judge Taylor and covered it up by lying. The supreme court really needs to investigate those higher ups at that court.

    Edited to remove name – vjp.

    1. It is obvious that Catherine has an ax to grind and has no basis for her comments. Otherwise she would have been more specific. It is dangerous to make libelous statements about individuals, even those holding public office. It is doubtful that Judge Blow had a romantic tryst with one of the clerks in his office. Also, [Name removed] did not cover up anything for Judge Taylor. There was a written stipulation in the record from [Name removed] and a supervisor that Judge Taylor did not direct the clerks not to process the appeal. I am amazed at the statements that people feel free to make anonymously on line that they would not have the courage to say face to face or with their complete identities known. That seems pretty cowardly to me.

      Edited to remove name – vjp

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