Not fun

I think I need a new blog category. Instead of fun stuff, I need one that’s not fun.

With this being exams week at ODU as well as approaching the end of the year, I’ve been a bit buried. (And that just scratches the surface.) I’ve spent the last few months feeling like the character in the picture.

If I can get through the end of this week – which also means clearing a bunch of stuff off my desk, I’ll get to spend two weeks actually sleeping more than five hours a night! Oh yeah – and there’s that holiday in the middle. Guess I have to stay awake long enough to entertain my family on Christmas. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Not fun

  1. Feeling overwhelmed is never good. You were already going at “holiday season” level, now one more thing added. I know there is some more eggnog in your future, and all the trimmings.

    Take a break wherever you can, and practice your juggling act!

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