Robert Hurt tired of Washington already

(I have delayed talking about next year’s Congressional races until after the elections here in Virginia were over. I will have a lot to say about Hurt, his inaction in Congress, and his habit of following instead of leading.)

In an interview with the Farmville Herald published on October 6, 2011, Robert Hurt answered the questions of Ken Woodley, the Editor of that publication.

The interview was interspersed with Woodley’s comments, which makes it harder to pay attention to the meat of the interview. Woodley has a love affair with one line sentences/paragraphs, something which bugs me to no end.

Enough about the newspaper (which is in the 5th District, located in Prince Edward County in Farmville.) On to the interview and my take on it.

Hurt seems to talk only about businesses when he talks about the economy. He mentions the bills that have backed up waiting for the Senate to act on them. There is “so much” opportunity to cut expenditures. He sounds like a campaign commercial, almost indistinguishable from during his term.

A balanced budget is one of the congressman’s high priorities. With no consideration of how we got to this place of economic calamity, talk of balancing the budget is spoken of in the same breath as cutting taxes on the wealthy. This is a fairy-tale proposal.

“I don’t want to hear excuses but I will tell you that my frustration is compounded by the fact that since January on the House side we’ve taken very serious, serious, serious action in terms of trying to promote job creation. We’ve sent dozens of bills from the House side down to the Senate and Harry Reid and the United States Senate haven’t done anything. These are jobs bills that are stacking up. These are bills that would make it easier and less costly for people to run a business, to stay in business, and make it more attractive for them to hire and reinvest…”

Look at the way a “jobs” bill is described. Bills that “…would make it easier and less costly for people to run a business…” Who will be running this business? There are so many unemployed, so many struggling just to remain in their houses. Since the upper end of the income spectrum is where this is really aimed, why lie about it?

The richest of the rich are who are targeted by Republican lawmakers. They recite the mantra, “taxes are bad” and go about their way to taking money from education and other worthy programs, like the law enforcement in your communities. The richest citizens need another $30,000 tax cut? This is clearly not in sync with reality.

Just like Robert Hurt, Cantor, Forbes, Wolf, Griffith and the rest, the script calls for more tax cuts, so that’s what they are pushing.

Grover Norquist would have the groupthink no other way. Robert Hurt knows where his orders come from. Look at his record, it is almost a mirror of many others. No votes on what his district needs, yes on motions to reconsider in order to gut a competing bill. Don’t watch the sausage being made.


3 thoughts on “Robert Hurt tired of Washington already

  1. Mark, maybe you could help by waking up the Senate. Maybe the Senate could do something novel, like pass a budget. Bring up a bill for a vote once in a while.

    Your leading sentence accuses Hurt of inactivity, then you spend your entire article writing about all the things he’s “pushing” – how is he pushing so many ideas if you say he’s inactive?

    You accuse him of being “tired of Washington” but he clearly is tired of the Senate not doing a darn thing with all the bills the House passed.

    I don’t mind disagreement, but I’m not used to a writer on this blog disagreeing with himself.

  2. I thought I did a bad job here, so I appreciate your bringing it up. There are points that I did make successfully, but I think my mind got ahead of my typing fingers, I apologize.

    One thing about it, we have 10 months to hone our arguments.

  3. “Who will be running this business?”

    Generally, those who have capital are those who start businesses. That’s why we call it CAPITALISM.

    Are you opposed to bills that make it easier to start businesses?

    “The richest citizens need another $30,000 tax cut?”

    Who’s proposing another tax cut? Remember, it was a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic President that voted to extend the current tax law.

    “No votes on what his district needs….”

    Examples? Part of the reason we are in the mess we are in is that so many in Congress work to “bring home the bacon” to their districts. I want a Congressman who does what is best for the UNITED STATES. Congress has the Power to Provide for the Common Defense and General Welfare of the United States. Passing a law to get goodies for a particular district is NOT within the specific, enumerated Powers.

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