Dems lose senate injunction fight

According to the Roanoke Times:

In an opinion issued this morning, Judge Beverly Snukals concluded that “the public interest would not be served by having a deadlocked Senate that is unable to agree on organization.”

Elections have consequences, folks.



3 thoughts on “Dems lose senate injunction fight

  1. From Senate Democratic Caucus chair Donald McEachin:

    Senator McEachin Statement on Lawsuit Decision

    Richmond – Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico) today released this
    statement on the judge’s ruling in the Democratic Senate lawsuit. “While I
    respectfully disagree with the outcome, it was purely a procedural
    decision. The judge determined that the matter was not ripe for a final
    determination on the merits. The opinion was not a decision on the merits
    of whether the Lieutenant Governor can vote on Senate organization.

    “I call on the Republicans to respect the will of the voters and past
    history. The senate is evenly divided, 20-20 so committees and
    responsibilities and power should be divided to reflect that even split,
    just as the Republicans said in 1996. Even then Governor Allen spoke to
    the need for parity under these same circumstances.

    “The Senate Democratic caucus will continue to explore all its options,
    both legal and procedural, to resolve this issue in a way that reflects the
    actual outcome on election day, not an arrogant partisan power grab,
    totally to the benefit of one Party that does not reflect a majority of the
    Senate,” Senator McEachin concluded.

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