Quick links: Norfolk edition

Just a few interesting articles on Norfolk in the paper Sunday and today.

First up: in a sharply worded editorial, the board calls for the election of the School Board. Ask me how happy I am that we have an editorial board member living in Norfolk for the first time in ages 🙂 While I’m sure the day is going to come when we disagree, for now I’m just enjoying having a voice on the board who is looking out for Norfolk – and convincing the other board members (all editorials “represent the consensus of the editorial board, which is independent of the newsroom,” as stated) to go along.

Second: in the Norfolk Compass Sunday, Harry Minium wonders if council is conducting too much of the city’s business in private. He acknowledges that the public presentation was progress, but argues that alone isn’t enough. For those who attend only the public session of council meetings, the votes seem weird and are often without explanation. The work of council actually goes on in the work sessions but in this case, the real discussion took place in closed session. Norfolk has made progress in transparency – live broadcasts of council work and public sessions, with the video available for later viewing – but if they are simply shifting the work to closed sessions, that’s not good for us.

Finally: in celebrating the 500,00th rider, The Tide, Norfolk’s light rail system, will offer free rides this Wednesday. Even though it has been operational since August, I’ve not managed to find the time to ride it yet.