Go, Ralph, go!

My Senator, Ralph Northam, spoke about the pre-abortion ultrasound bill, SB484, on the floor of the Senate.

One of the points I’d make is the invasive nature of transvaginal ultrasounds, which would be necessary in many cases. I’ve had such a procedure – and without going into too many details, let me just say it was not a fun experience. No one should be subjected unnecessarily to such a procedure.


5 thoughts on “Go, Ralph, go!

  1. Do you know where Yvonne Miller (D-5th) stands on this issue? Also I think it would be a good idea for you to post the web site’s that we can access to see how our reps are voting on issues in the Senate and the House.

  2. Thank you for providing the feed of Ralph on the Senate floor. I agree on all points. The government should stay out of a woman’s uterus. What they want to do is morally and ethically wrong.
    Peggy Scott

  3. I’m always amazed at how politics skew a persons personal beliefs.
    The right continually attempts to attach more and more GOVERNMENT regulations on abortion providers. In the next breath the right berates the same government for curtailing personal freedoms and invasive goverment. I won’t even mention advocating the death penalty. Pro life except for the death penalty?What?
    To be fair, the left advocates pro abortion stances and yet is constantly siding with anti-death penalty groups. This to me shows the same disregard for life as the right but in complete role reversal.
    These are tough issues. For those who truly believe, there is nothing to think about either way; left or right.
    Personally, I think the Catholic church struck the right cord in that all life is sacred…

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