Prince Edward County continues with “Road to Nowhere”

For years, citizens of Prince Edward County have had to watch as the Board Of Supervisors and the IDA (Industrial Development Authority) have unwisely spent their money (in the form of taxes and fees and obligations) on one scheme after another.

Enter the failed project that the county has spent millions, and some amount in kind, to a developer who so far will not disclose his investors or any other money details of his project.

Granite Hills Inn and Conference Center is the project and Bob Fowler is the developer. He is the same person involved with the questionable and failing golf club next to where this new project will go. Twice Community Development Block Grants were turned down for this project. The county is going to a lot of trouble and work to prop up someone who is as yet, unproven. The land for the inn was sold to the developer at about one-fourth or less its true commercial worth.

Enter Route 628, the present road that is running past the school facilities just south of US 460 and Farmville. The county insists that this road needs to be realigned and run through property that is private. Eminent Domain is being used to accomplish this. Never mind that the inn, etc is dead in the water right now, with no hope of financing. The excuse? The moved road will provide more safety for the school traffic. The real reason? The Inn and conference Center would be located on that new road.

One last thing; the county will pay an average of $45,000 for the road land in Eminent Domain proceedings. $4,000 to $45,000. Do you see something wrong here?

Below is a letter from Jack Houghton, an activist and citizen in Farmville who has fought this and other projects for years. It provides a good synopsis of what has gone on. This is what happens when there is no accountability from our local governments and people do not participate. Thanks, Jack.

Thank you also to The Farmville Herald, who also published this letter after I received a copy of it.


5 thoughts on “Prince Edward County continues with “Road to Nowhere”

  1. Thanks for all that you do in keeping an eye on our Government!
    But if the same people get elected or the same type of person get in our Governmnet they will only do things that benefit THEM!
    If Voters can’t look down the road they will end up in the same place Corruptionville! Forest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as Stupid DOES!”
    Voted for a person just because you went to school together or my family has know him/her for years is stupid not Voting for the best canidate!
    If the people on Welfare Grow who do you you think they will be elected. They person that will not regulate thier FREE Money!
    If you don’t get a FREE cell phone under the 1.6 Billion Dollars government program than you are the ones that pay for them to have a Free Cell Phone look on your cell phone bill thier is a tax for it! OMG you got to be kidding, no I’m not kidding, if you pay a monthly cell phone bill you pay for them to have a FREE PHONE. GOVERNMENT YEAH

  2. It is very sad that this type of story seems to be the norm of operations in local governments lately. I live in the city of Hampton where people always say the “city buys high and sells low”. Which means they pay a lot to acquire land and then turn around and sell it for severely discounted rate to the developers. Who is really paying is the citizens. You would think that would matter and people would get mad and vote but they don’t.

    People turn out and vote in federal elections even though they have little to no hope affecting change on the federal level. But they can be a factor in the government that effects them most which is their local government. It is amazing how many people you talk to in your city who do not even know who their local elected officials are much less what they are doing.

    In the city of Hampton which has 137,436 people it only takes around 6,000 votes to win local office because so few people vote. It is really depressing and I do not know how to get people to care.

    1. Yes, Carole, we don’t have the luxury of waste or trial and error in running our government. If the government was honest and did things the way they are supposed to be done, success and further progress will follow.

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