Dr. Peyton WIlliams Jr. to run for 5th District seat

The question of whether there would be a challenger to Robert Hurt (R-Chatham) this year in the House of Representatives has been answered.

George Loper, by way of Dave Sagarin:

News accounts tell us that Williams has degrees in research methodology and in strategic intelligence, and has also studied ecology and worked in that field. Williams retired from the Army in 1999 as a lieutenant colonel in Special Forces and from Lockheed Martin in 2010 as a systems engineer.
He is a Scuba instructor, and has been active with Boy Scouts for many years.

He describes himself as a political moderate who will seek to work with both sides of the aisle in Congress.

For all of us waiting for a change in the 5th District, it is welcome news. We welcome Dr. Williams to the race.


5 thoughts on “Dr. Peyton WIlliams Jr. to run for 5th District seat

  1. I think he has as good a chance as anybody. Tom would have been a situation for more polarization. There are rumblings about Hurt, but nothing substantial. I think a late start is not a good thing.

    I was beginning to wonder if I was going to write about Hurt without him having opposition.

    1. He’s the Rev. Peyton Williams’ son, lived in Norfolk 1954-67. Yes, Daddy was at Christ and St. Luke’s, in Norfolk. (I’m PRWjr’s sister, who was born when my parents were in Norfolk.)

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