Grand jury impaneled in Norfolk CSB case

The headline blared on the front page of The Virginian-Pilot. The lead paragraph says it all:

Circuit Judge Charles E. Poston took the rare step Tuesday of impaneling a special grand jury to recommend whether criminal charges will be filed in the case of the no-show worker at the Norfolk Community Services Board.

This is a big deal. A couple of things.

First, what does it say about our Commonwealth’s Attorney, who decided last summer that no criminal  charges were to be filed? If the grand jury indicts, will there be a call for his removal?

I’m told that the police report, which the CA did review, is part of the reason why Judge Poston acted. I’m told the report is actually pretty damning.

Second, how much did the questioning of the City Attorney by Councilman Andy Protogyrou in this session of council impact the decision of Poston to act? The attorney representing two of the CSB employees who were fired as the result of this mess said that the presentation included inaccuracies and urged council to review the police report. The city attorney was reluctant to allow access to the police report. Will his role in this whole affair be questioned?

I’m sure there are a lot more angles to this story as things continue to unfold. As a Norfolk taxpayer, I’d at least like to know the particulars. If the behavior of Jill McGlone wasn’t criminal, what about the others at the agency?

Finally – I have just one question for Judge Poston: why didn’t he put me on that grand jury ? 🙂 Seriously, this is going to be an interesting case. While I think he and the other jurists chose some very fine people to serve, I think I would have made a fine juror. 😉


5 thoughts on “Grand jury impaneled in Norfolk CSB case

  1. Me, too! Me, too!

    Would have loved to be able to sit on the jury

    That said, I think I have already made my decision, so not choosing me is not a bad idea. McGlone’s picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition for unethical. However, if the CSB sent her checks for 12 years was it illegal to cash them, unless she had been told not to do so, I don’t think so.

    Best candidates for illegal actions, IMHO, are management, at the organization, twelve years, or so, ago.

    From what I hear, that won’t happen. So the cynic in me asks, is this an effort to kill the bad press for the Council?

    1. They still need to address Riddick and his lack of ethics for not paying his taxes for 14 years. Whether the taxes were for the Federal, State, or Norfolk government, he is still taking monies from the very people he was voted to represent. Yet, no comment except from Tom Smiegel. Absurd!

    2. I think the grand jury is looking at all of the players here. And without all of the facts, I’m not willing to say anyone has or has not committed a crime.

      I don’t think the judges would dare to do this just to kill the bad press. Their own integrity would be at risk. While I don’t know all of the judges personally, the ones I do know are respectable and responsible citizens.

      (And yes, they should have appointed me 😦 )

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