Hampton trying to improve budget input from citizens

Over the last couple years the City of Hampton has been trying to improve citizen participation in the budget process. Citizens of Hampton were initially upset because they said the city did not listen to their opinion on the budget. So Hampton started going out to different neighborhoods and taking computer key pad generated inputs from these groups to let Council know what were areas of concern for the citizens. However, last year this also got complaints as people were asked to vote for something they could not get overall details on or what exactly the questions were asking. So this year the city as added three on-line chats where people can talk about the budget.

This is similar to the mayor lunch chats on Tuesdays which have generated a positive response from the citizens who participate in them.  The City of Hampton has scheduled 4 public polling forums (starting tonight), three online chats,an online polling option and they have offered to neighborhood associations and civic groups to send a speaker to their meetings. Hampton’s  budget flier says “We want your input!”  I think they have proven that fact with so many opportunities this year. I hope the citizens take them up and voice their thoughts.

Scheduled public polling forums

  • Today, Feb. 28,  6-8 pm Hunter B Andrews School 3120 Victoria Blvd
  • Sat March 3 9-11 am Phoebus High School, 100 Ireland St
  • Wed March 7, 6-8pm George Phoenix School, 1061 Big Bethel Rd
  • Sat, March 10 9 – 11 am West Hampton Community Center, 1638 Briarfield Rd

Open polling on-line  Opens Feb 29 through March 11 at Hampton.gov

Online chats are all on www.Hampton.gov/chat

  • Thursday March 1 @ noon
  • Thursday May 2 @ noon
  • Thursday March 29 @ noon

City Council hearings on the budget:

  • Wed April 25, 7 pm Public hearing on the FY 13 budget
  • Wed May 2,  1 pm Budget work session on budget
  • Wed May 2,  7 pm  Public hearing on budget
  • Wed May 9,  6pm regular public input session where you can still address the budget
  • Wed May 9, 7pm Council adoption of budget.