Spoke too soon

One of the urges that I have to suppress when writing op-eds is that of a blogger, where we opine on the latest information. I think I’ve done a fairly good job of doing that over the last 20 months that I’ve been writing a weekly column for The Virginian-Pilot.

Until yesterday’s column. Honestly? I think I blew it.

In light of the turning back of the personhood amendment and the shelving of HPV vaccination repeal, I was hopeful that sanity had returned to the General Assembly, in the form of the Senate. Writing Tuesday morning, I was hopeful that they would send the ultrasound bill back to committee. When the vote took place that afternoon, I had to rewrite a line, which I replaced with this:

It passed with further amendment in the Senate, which generally has become the place of reason in the legislature.

Truth be told, I was hopping mad that the Senate passed the bill, especially with the two so-called “Democrats” who voted for its passage. But with a deadline approaching, there simply was no time to re-write the entire piece.

The Senate has brought some sanity – that part is true. But not nearly enough – at least for me.

I’ve learned an awful lot in writing for the newspaper. This is a lesson that I’ll never forget.


7 thoughts on “Spoke too soon

  1. There was no time to re-write the bill…..I expect bills to be written correctly by our legislators. I expect bills to be gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure that there are no flaws in the written words. Word have meaning. When bills are passed, judges rely upon those words in interpreting the statutes. Attorneys rely upon those words to advise their clients (citizens in case we have forgotten). When a bill has flaws, it is the duty of our legislators to fix those flaws prior to passage. If that means going back to the drawing board, so be it. What is just plain wrong is to ram flawed bills through for the sake of political advancement. This bill was flawed and it should have been sent back to committee to work out those flaws. We should expect no less from our elected legislators.

  2. Never underestimate the indelible desire of politicians to advance their own agenda.

    This law is a sideways attack on Roe vs. Wade. For the republicans to say it is anything else is disingenuous. I understand opposition to abortion by those who truly believe but for the republicans to deny this laws real intent is an outrageous way to conceal the truth. Shame on them for their true lies…

  3. Dear Vivian,

    As you know I read pretty much everything you write and I don’t hesitate to tell you when you do a good or bad job and in my opinion you didn’t blow it… The GOP is blowing it.

    By the way, the whole “special” ultrasound is really something I would have rather lived without knowing about, but now that I do, may I point out the procedure is actually fairly common… post operative. It’s clear to me the Republican’s just wanted the procedure to be done before too, because ultrasounds are very effective in the “prevention” of abortions.

    Regardless… I read Senator McWater’s piece and I think he made an excellent point… Very little of this years legislation dealt with social issues but it’s those issues which have gotten the bulk of the media attention.

    Any way… What’s going to happen this Tuesday with Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich?

    I thought Super Tuesday wasn’t going to be a big deal for Virginia, but just maybe, we Virginia’s will have a significant impact on picking our next President. I wonder how Democrats will vote Tuesday… for someone they don’t support?

    If Governor Romney wins Ohio, by say double digits, it’s likely the death blow to Senator Santorum chances. If Santorum happens to squeak out a win, we could be looking at a battle to Memorial Day, with the possibility of the GOP hopefuls showing up in Tampa without a nominee.

    With only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney on the ballot Tuesday, our vote will expose or endorse Governor Romney’s candidacy. With Governor McDonnell actively supporting Romney, campaigning for him in Florida and coming 2nd in the CPAC 2012 straw poll for Vice President,Virginia indeed is playing an active roll this year.

    It’s possible we could have a Romney/McDonnell ticket this fall. I think the odds are as good as a Santorum/Gingrich ticket, which would have a better shot at the Rust Belt, bring onboard the South and give President Obama a run for his money. Who knows… This has already been one of the strangest primary seasons in my lifetime… Anyone up for another debate?

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