Low turnout – but better

My latest column appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. Lots of figures from the results of Tuesday’s election – because that was really the only thing that was different as compared to four years ago.

Here’s the big thing: if the folks who turned out Tuesday stay involved in the process, they can make a difference. About 4300 more people voted Tuesday than they did four years ago. When turnout in council races is so low – just over 10% of registered voters this cycle – those votes really, really matter. Two years from now, those votes could easily turn the tide in Norfolk, and allow us to remake council.

Don’t go away mad that your candidate didn’t win. Resolve to stay involved.

My thanks to all of the candidates who ran this cycle. Your running will help make Norfolk a better place.


8 thoughts on “Low turnout – but better

    1. …just read the article in the VP about the General Assembly of 1869 and its African American representation. This article also noted that that year “Statewide, 92% of registered African Americans voted…” Not sure how many were actually registered but still what a great turnout. I also learned what happened in the late 1880s and how that has had an impact even through today with diversity in our elected bodies.

        1. I was wondering about the Paige pedigree as I read. I think I did read it but forgot about it yesterday…there MUST be some connection some where I’m sure…

  1. The French had 80% turnout for their presidential election yesterday. Too bad no one will consider moving US elections to the weekend.

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