Drive-by meetings do not serve the constituency

On Robert Hurt’s official website, details of visits he has made to the district are available to read. That’s a good thing. What’s not so good is that Hurt does not hold meetings planned so a community can attend, so called “Town Hall” meetings. You might remember our previous representative, Tom Perriello attended in excess of 20 local meetings during the August recess both years he was in office.

Back to Hurt. The information about this ‘tour’ shows visits at gas stations, restaurants, loggers camp, and myriad other businesses. Whoever he happens to meet, people who just happened to be at the convenience store or tire store, doing their business.

All the people he has met this way, on the road, probably equals less than 500 people. The demographic makeup of the group is not representative of the district. No large group could assemble to ask questions as there is no advance notice of the visits.

The advantage in a Town Hall meeting goes to the citizens. Any question they want to ask can be. Of course, the citizens can then gauge for themselves whether the answer was satisfactory or not. There are invariably the fringe of the community at the meeting, for whom a long list of totally fictitious problems is at the ready.

The problem with this, from a politician’s point of view is that this is a time waster, that it doesn’t meet the goal of communicating. The truth is, there are those who do not want to answer questions about the performance of the House, and Robert Hurt is one of them. I would describe the House as an exercise in futility for two years running.

Robert Hurt does not want to answer why the House passed bill after radical bill, with no hope of ever seeing the light of the Senate chambers. 30-40 abortion bills, actually cover a lot of subjects, including contraception. No jobs bill, efforts to dismantle the EPA, plenty of corporate welfare. As recently as March, Hurt talked about ‘it’s our time to address jobs’.

If the House can’t be more productive, then it should be cleaned of those who wish us back in the 1600-1700’s instead of looking ahead to solve our compounded problems of economy and energy. That’s what I plan to do, change my little corner of the world by doing whatever I can to defeat Robert Hurt.

We just can’t afford another term of no productivity in the Congress. That’s where my effort goes.


6 thoughts on “Drive-by meetings do not serve the constituency

  1. Wow, Vivian. The quality of this blog just gets lower and lower when you allow whining partisan pieces like this instead of your usual thoughtful commentary.

          1. There is only one o in hello. Vivian didn’t write this insipid post, so I don’t know how she could’ve hit a nerve. I just hope no one tries to read it while driving, as falling asleep at the wheel is pretty dangerous.

  2. I’m much happier when Congress in unproductive.

    All the good ideas became law many years ago, but these fools think they have to pass laws, and all that are left are BAD ideas.

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