I guess Cuccinelli is a RINO, too

Virginia Attorney General – and 2013 gubernatorial candidate – Ken Cuccinelli appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night. This came on the heels of O’Reilly having called out the AG a couple of nights before, as he has “reported” on the story of the beating of two Virginian-Pilot reporters.

The exchange got testy at times, prompting Cuccinelli to say at one point, “Right, because you have all the facts, Bill, just like Monday, when you got it wrong on Monday.”

If the comments on this post are any indication, I guess the Cooch is now a RINO and part of the grand conspiracy to “cover up” this incident.

Or maybe he knows a thing or two more about the way the law works in Virginia than, say, O’Reilly.

Cuccinelli acquitted himself very well last night.


4 thoughts on “I guess Cuccinelli is a RINO, too

  1. Why would you ask the AG about this anyway? Virginia’s AG doesn’t have primary responsibility for prosecuting crimes. The local Commonwealth’s Attorney would have been a better guest. I mean if you had a news show, with Bill O clearly does not.

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