Hurt’s recent statement on “Obamacare”

Recently, Robert Hurt made comments on the two-year anniversary of the passage of “Obamacare” otherwise known as the health care reform law or ACA.

“It has been just two years since President Obama signed his health care bill into law and with each passing day it becomes clearer that the President’s health care law is the wrong prescription for our nation’s ailing health care system. The people of Central and Southside Virginia now face higher premiums and increased taxes at a time we can least afford it; mandates that challenge the very foundations of our democracy; and no greater access to the affordable, quality care that was promised when the law was enacted. This law has provided a path for unprecedented expansion in the size and scope of the federal government, adding to the national debt and digging deeper into the deficit. And this law fundamentally represents an ideology contrary to the values that this great country was founded upon, placing greater trust in the government than in the American people. The people of the 5th District have sent a message, loud and clear, that this law must be repealed and replaced with market-based solutions that improve access to quality care. And over 20 times the House has voted to repeal, defund, or dismantle this law, delivering on their unequivocal message. As we continue to work towards repeal and replace, we in the House remain committed to fighting for solutions that reform our broken health care system by ensuring Central and Southside Virginians have access to affordable, quality care, maintaining the patient-doctor relationship, and putting the American people in control of their medical decisions and not the federal government.”

You can pick out the laughable part yourself, I bet. I don’t have all day to dissect this, so here are few quickies:

Yes, the Republicans and Rep. Hurt want to put the American people in charge of their own healthcare. Sounds like what we are moving towards with the reforms. And if anyone believes that or “…access to affordable, quality care, maintaining the patient-doctor relationship…”, then I have some oceanfront property I’d like to sell you. It’s in Montana.