The sweet voice of Mama

I can still wear a red carnation.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Naturally, my thoughts this week turned to my mother, and prompted my latest op-ed, title above, which appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday.

The picture I keep in my mind is the one shown here, which accompanied the column in the print edition. I still can’t bring myself to visit my mother by myself. One of my sisters – usually Jeanette – always goes with me. I have a hard time handling her deterioration, both mental and physical. But I do so look forward to hearing her sing, the one thing that she retains of her former self.

At least I can still wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

And wear a red carnation.


3 thoughts on “The sweet voice of Mama

  1. A Houston radio talk-show host set aside politics today to let callers talk about their mothers, both living and dead. I was surprised how many people still remember – and take part in – the traditional floral observance. Last year, Mom laughed and said, “If I were back home, I’d probably be the oldest mother in the congregation!” At 93, she might well have been, and she’d wear her carnation with pride.

    You’ve got your mother’s smile. I hope there are lots of smiles to share this Mothers’ Day.

  2. Thankfully, me too. I feel so lucky that I’m going to see my Mom tomorrow and spend some time with both my Mom and Dad. They are both in their 80’s still think I’m in my twenties. I don’t think we ever really grow up when we’re in the presence of our parents. At least to my folks anyway.

    I’ll wear a red carnation tomorrow and hope it’s not my last time doing so…

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