A victory for ‘Virginia’s chief homophobe’

Have to admit that I’m not too happy with the title of my latest op-ed, which appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Wednesday. Not because it isn’t true, but because it is. All of it.

Bob Marshall calls himself “Virginia’s chief homophobe.” And he and his merry band over at the “Family” Foundation managed to derail the election of a judge for no other reason than that the man is gay. That four major newspapers in Virginia, including the conservative Richmond Times Dispatch, agreed that this was despicable behavior on the part of the House of Delegates should give the 67 no/non-voting members pause.They are out of step with the majority of Virginians, regardless of party.

Marshall and his friends won this battle. But they are going to lose the war.

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One thought on “A victory for ‘Virginia’s chief homophobe’

  1. You think Bob Marshall is behind the times when it comes to the issues of sexual orientation, try dealing with him on school funding issues. The man lives in the dinosaur age. Nothing modern about his thinking!

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