Friday fun: what’s your word right now?

Been a while since we’ve done one of these. Figured it was time to get back to having a bit of fun 🙂

Your Word is Imagination

You are a colorful person who only sees potential. You love to create and explore.

You could never feel bored; there are entire fantasy worlds that live in your head.

You are very open to the world. You try to say yes to as many opportunities as possible.

Your mind knows no limits. You always allow yourself to dream big.

Um, OK 😀 So what’s your word right now?


3 thoughts on “Friday fun: what’s your word right now?

  1. My word is “journey.” And what a ride it has been. At 72, I don’t have many miles to go before I sleep, but hope I stay grateful for all the ones I travel.

  2. Hi Vivian .. was just reading your comments on the issue of login-before-commenting. I agree .. a huge mess. Don’t know how this will be resolved. And not even sure if this will find its way to you.

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