Who knew being gay cuts life expectancy 20 years?

That would be Virginia’s chief homophobe, Del. Bob Marshall! I’m sure he has a study from somebody somewhere that backs that up, right?

After all, he was so right on the “sodomy is not a civil right” thing. Not!

Tonight’s GOP Senate debate ought to be interesting 😉


8 thoughts on “Who knew being gay cuts life expectancy 20 years?

  1. Who knew? Well, virtually anybody who Googles “homosexual life expectancy,” that’s who. Like the American College of Pediatricians (http://factsaboutyouth.com/posts/health-risks-of-the-homosexual-lifestyle/).

    While you can disagree about what this implies as a matter of public policy — remembering, of course, the continuing war on smokers, obesity, salt, cholesterol, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices — but it doesn’t seem to me that you can question the data (http://factsaboutyouth.com/posts/life-span/), unless you have countervailing data. Which raises an interesting question: Why is there a dearth of countervailing data? Is it because it would be politically incorrect to gather it, knowing that the outcome would confirm the findings of the original study?

    I suspect that some of the reports are overblown, but if AIDS has devastated the male homosexual community, isn’t challenging Marshall on this point somewhat “off-message”?

    Facts ARE stubborn things, huh, Viv?

      1. So, you’re disputing the statement because the study at issue addresses only male homosexuals, and not lesbians? And I note that you don’t dispute the finding.

        You’re quibbling. And no, I’m not disputing your reference to the data concerning lesbians.

  2. And by the way, I’m perfectly happy to consider the Marshall might be wrong about this. I’d just like to see data which would belie his assertion, rather than simply dismissing him with the smear “Virginia’s chief homophobe.”

  3. Of the four gay friends I had in my youth, three are dead from AIDS. The fourth is “married” to a man named Bruno, and his identical twin is married to a gorgeous blonde woman. (Hence my skepticism of a genetic cause for homosexuality.) One of my high school buddies is bisexual, but frankly, he is so ugly he can’t get any from either sex!

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