Complaint filed in convention mess

An official complaint has been filed regarding this past weekend’s Democratic state convention. I have obtained a copy of the complaint and have received permission from the author to publish it.

Complainant Gail Gordon Donegan alleges that rules were violated. The specific remedy requested is the removal of the two male DNC members, Frank Leone and George Wallace and that another vote be held. In addition, she requests the removal of DPVA chair Brian Moran, technology vice chair Craig Fifer, and 11th district chair George Burke.

The entire complaint is below.

Told y’all it was a mess.



3 thoughts on “Complaint filed in convention mess

  1. I doubt this complaint will go anywhere. Ms. Donegan cites Section 14.5 of the DPVA Party plan as an area violated by George Burke (which base on the disjointed nature of the letter she filed appears to be an accusation that he gave preferential treatment to a slate of DNC candidates). Even if that were the case, Section 14.5 applies only to slates for the “purposes of electing convention delegates” which a DNC member election most certainly is not.

    1. Well, I know for a fact that it is going “somewhere” but the exact outcome remains to be seen. It has been escalated within DPVA and I know they have received a flurry of informal complaints along these same lines. I’m happy to sit back and let DPVA and whomever else is appropriate conduct a thorough investigation. All I can do is raise the issue.

  2. For almost a week now, I have expected something coming out of the DPVA, acknowledging their mistakes, talking about what can be done better next time.

    Well, it seems they don’t give a crap about all that. After all, they can pretend everything is rosy, and the rest of are expected to fall in line.

    These people are smart…why are they acting so dumb?

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