State convention part 3: looking ahead to 2013

Yes, I know the purpose of this convention was to focus on the 2012 elections. But being a long-view kind of person, I couldn’t help but look towards what is coming for 2013 and beyond.

Although he has yet to declare that he is running, there appears to be no challenge to Terry McAuliffe as the gubernatorial nominee. Last Thursday, before the start of the convention, a list of over 400 supporters of his candidacy was released. Obviously, Mark Warner isn’t going to run next year. McAuliffe was the lone non-elected, non-candidate speaker at the convention.

I didn’t hear much chatter about candidates for LG. Former delegate Paula Miller, who is said to be considering a run, was there. Former White House chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra hosted a hospitality suite Friday evening and had folks wearing stickers with his name on them. As I live in what was Miller’s district, I’m pretty familiar with her already. I got a few minutes with Chopra but nothing substantial. Besides, a party isn’t a place to vet a candidate, anyway.

It seems the AG race is where the action is going to be, if there is going to be any action. Rumor has it that Del. Lynwood Lewis is thinking about jumping in – if they can get him off the Shore, that is 🙂 It’s no rumor that former LG candidate Mike Signer is planning a run. From where I sit, though, the real battle may be between Sen. Mark Herring, who hosted a hospitality suite Saturday evening and is clearly in the race, and former Del. Ward Armstrong.

Armstrong has not committed to running yet, but has demonstrated that he can raise money, a significant consideration. He has been a conservative Democrat but came out in favor of gay marriage in the wake of President Obama’s change of heart. He’s going to have to answer, though, for the campaign ads that he ran in his failed bid for the House of Delegates.

Herring may not be as well known outside of NoVA as Armstrong but if I learned nothing in my few minutes with him, he’s in the race to win it. A quick look at the partisanship index on Richmond Sunlight shows that he’s a left-of-center Democrat.

Yes, 2012 is important. But Democrats can’t afford to wait until after the November election to get going on 2013. I’m firmly in the camp of those who believe the closer government is to us, the more important it is and the more it affects us.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more from those who would like to represent us soon.


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  1. There is a Facebook page promoting a draft for former state Senator Edd Houck for LG. It seems to be pretty quiet, though. Since he’s never mentioned everywhere else, I wonder if he’s seriously thought about running.

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