Friday fun: how do you eat?

This is one of those quizzes that blows the liberal/conservative thing out of the water 🙂

You Eat Like a Conservative

You may or may not be a political conservative, but studies show you sure eat like one.

You gravitate toward comfort foods and classics. And you don’t waste your time with fancy food trends.You prefer to eat what’s tried and true. You get annoyed with people who have hangups about what’s healthy.

Pass the mac and cheese, meatloaf, fried chicken, and apple pie. Your tastes are all-American as they come!

See? Not everything is partisan 😉 How about you? Do you eat like a liberal or a conservative?


2 thoughts on “Friday fun: how do you eat?

    1. Mac-n-cheese isn’t at the top of my “comfort foods” list. Nevertheless, I’m told that my mac-n-cheese is among the best out there 😉 Maybe you’ve not had any good stuff. (And that box stuff definitely isn’t good.)

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