Exposed: Rev. Jim Webb

The Virginian-Pilot’s Lou Hansen has a well-researched two part story on Rev. Jim Webb, the former pastor of the revered Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Norfolk. I don’t know what prompted Hansen to delve into this; perhaps it was the arrest of Webb on an outstanding warrant when a background check was run on him by the Norfolk Sheriff’s office. (The warrant was subsequently dismissed.)

The church – and, in particular, the black church – is the one place where people are willing to forgive past transgressions. I think, had Webb honestly admitted to the search committee the actions which led to that arrest, they might have still hired him. (The part about him running out on his second wife – taking their child – would have probably been a disqualifier, though.)

Every time I think about Webb, that old song “May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me” comes to mind. With my own father as a minister, I was taught early on that they were held to a higher standard than the rest of us. Webb’s day of reckoning will come.


2 thoughts on “Exposed: Rev. Jim Webb

  1. Well, it might have disqualified him from a BLACK church, but he could just “come out” and go live with another man and the Episcopalians would make him a Bishop!

  2. I’m just wondering why the VP chose this story on Father’s Day? Trying to understand the motivation behind choosing this on a day that was started to honor men. I understand that “bad news” sales, but…Last comment. I personally know Rev Webb and agree that he, like all of us, has to live with the consequences of our actions, singular or pattern. And I also I believe that we all will have to answer for unrepentant behavior as we all will have a “day of reckoning.” But for those that might feel a minute sense of self-pride as you read the story, that “I’m glad that I’m not like him”, put your stones away. Who among us would want to be “exposed” in whatever fashion?

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