Northam: doctor, citizen redux

Ralph Northam campaigningBack in 2007, when Ralph Northam was running for Senate for the first time, I wrote about how he provided medical care to a boy who had just been hit by a car. Yesterday, the senator found himself in another situation that allowed him to use his medical training:

… the Norfolk Democrat used his medical skills Tuesday when a visitor to the State Capitol observing Senate action from balcony seating tripped and hit his head, opening up a gash.

Northam, a pediatric neurologist, rushed to aid medics who were treating the man.

“All in a day’s work here at the Capitol,” Northam said after one of the rare occasions he’s had to provide medical care in the Senate.

Two years ago, Northam aided fellow Sen. Linda “Toddy” Puller, D-Fairfax County, when she had a choking episode on the Senate floor.

Tuesday, Northam attended to the injured man before he was taken to a nearby hospital.

I have to admit: this is the first I heard of the choking episode, but it’s not a surprise. Ralph is the kind of guy who looks out for his fellow man. That’s the kind of person we need more of in our society, both in and out of office. Obviously, I’d prefer him to be in office, and him as lieutenant governor would be even better 😉



6 thoughts on “Northam: doctor, citizen redux

  1. I have mixed emotions about Ralph as Lt Gov. First, CHKD would lose a great pediatric neurologist. Second, I finally am represented by a Senator who is good, and don’t want to lose him to an unknown.

  2. Doug, many folks here in Mathews County, which is a part of Ralph’s 6th District, have also expressed reservations about losing him. I think you have to look at the greater good that he will do for the Commonwealth, overseeing the Senate. He has always served, be it in the military, treating injured soldiers, children at CHKD, or as I have witnessed firsthand, high school athletes on the field. He knows healthcare from the inside out and is fighting against the war on women. He is on the rise, and will make us proud to be Virginians, instead of the butt of talk show jokes.

  3. If you think you have a right to have a gun to protect yourself and your family, understand this, Ralph Northam does not. One thing I will say for Ralph is this, He will look you in the eye and tell you that. Unlike most Democrats who will not even discuss is with you or answer your e-mail asking for comment on the issue.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Ralph Northam position WD Jackson, because now I know he does not believe in upholding the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. I wonder what other Constitutional liberties he does not believe in upholding and, which alleged liberties he believes are there, but are nowhere to be found?

      Virginia needs statesmen who do not selectively decide which portions of the U.S. Constitution they agree with or not. What is even worse is when our representatives take an oath to uphold the rule of Law (and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, whether they like it or not). Taking that oath with the knowledge that they have no intentions of following through demonstrates a lack of integrity.

      You are probably discerning fairly rapidly why I have next to no respect for such individuals. I will be sure to avoid him and encourage others to do likewise in his bid for power.

      Thanks again for the heads up.

      1. He looked me right in the eye and told me that at a Norfolk Federation of Civic Leagues meeting. Don’t take my word for it, ask him yourself.

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