Cumberland Bits and Pieces

flagSeveral items to report about Cumberland County.

The Supervisor from Election District 5 is being asked to answer questions about a Federal tax debt that he owes. Parker Wheeler, who previously had been a member of the Zoning Commission, was urged by some citizens to resign. The lien was discovered in Prince Edward County. Wheeler has had no public comment.

Cumberland County will leave unfilled the vacant position of Director of Community and Economic Development. Budget constraints made it necessary to leave the position unfilled for an upcoming period of time. The duties of the position have been assigned to existing personnel.

Questions are being asked about a project originally funded by USDA Rural Development grants. The county could be liable to repay the USDA/RD over $800,000 in grants unless the county can show that it is a viable project. The project would convert chicken litter to gas, which would then be used for fuel. This project may be a good idea, but it is located in the wrong place and is more dangerous than originally thought. The project has had questions surrounding it, including why the then chair of the BOS owned stock in the corporation receiving the federal grants for the project. Also, the project would create only 3-5 jobs for a huge liability.


2 thoughts on “Cumberland Bits and Pieces

  1. Mark sorry this is going on in your area. It always amazes me when local officials seem offended that they are questioned when they award a contact to a company they are affiliated with or run. I once told a elected of official where I lived at the time that it was inappropriate to vote on contacts that went to the company he was CEO of. He got all offended and said everyone knew “He was honest”. I don’t see it that way infact in this environment I think most people assume politicians are dishonest. Sort of guilty to proven innocent. They need to remove themselves from the conflicts. In regards to the guy mentioned earlier when he lost his seat in local government we then lost his job as the companies CEO. Go figure.

  2. Thanks, Carole. I have been trying for 5 years to hold the county’s feet to the fire, but if they are allowed to break the law in running the county, that’s where I draw the line.

    I appreciate your comment.

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