Shad Planking: to go or not

ShadPlankingI’ve attended the Shad Planking for a number of years now. With the announcement that Ken Cuccinelli will speak but Terry McAuliffe will not, I’m not sure whether I’ll make the trip.

Part of the reason I’ve attended in the past is to reconnect with some of my friends on the right that I rarely see. But part of the reason is so that the stories that come out of the event are not so slanted. Yes, there are far too many Confederate flags. And yes, it’s not the most welcoming place for a Democrat. But given that this was, initially, a Democratic event, I think it’s important for us to go.

I just don’t know that it’s going to be me there this year.


5 thoughts on “Shad Planking: to go or not

  1. Sadly for the Wakefield community, you can feel the event dying. It really has become something of a Republican pep rally in recent years. I think the organizers did make an effort to keep it bi-partisan, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. I used to work with a guy who helped organize it back in the early 00s. They knew then that it was overwhelmingly GOP, but they really worked the phones to try and get Dems to come b/c they didn’t want it to become dominated by one party.

    I doubt the event will be covered by any of the statewide political media after this year. And they may not even cover it this year.

    Some GOPers say that it’s a slap in the face to rural Virginia. However, in the past fifteen years you see WAY more politicos (candidates, staffers, lobbyists, lawyers, etc.) than you do of actual Wakefield/Southside VA residents. And almost all of those politicos are Republican. So to say that it’s a slap in the face to rural Virginia is a bit of a stretch. It’s more like a Dem not going to a Republican caucus meeting.

  2. It is inexcusable for any candidate be they left or right to bow out of this Virginia tradition. Regardless of where we stand on positions, in the end we are all Virginians. This is one event where Terry McAuliffe should attend. Yes there are all flavors of Virginians at this event founded by Virginia Democrats and to be honest I have always felt like somewhat of an outsider at this event since I left your party Vivian.. Odd how things change. If democrats want to surrender rural Virginia, I won’t stop them but politics is party time at this event and the traditions of this nature deserve to continue. Without both parties participating, the old southern democrat tradition they started with Shad Planking will end..

  3. Half the fun of the shad planking was watching the candidates spar with each other in good humor.It was a chance to encounter the candidates by way of something other than phony TV ads. The democrats have wimped out. Shame on McAullife

  4. Will the event be held 4-17-13 if it rains/storms?
    Are there sheltered areas, enough for everyone?
    I remember a fairly long walk from parking area to planking area.
    Will we be notified either way? I have two impt house
    guests I want to take, one has been serving in Afghanistan one year, the other is an American citizen visiting from Costa Rica, Central America.
    We are coming from Hopewell.
    Thank you for any advice/updates.
    Elizabeth Kelly

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