5th CD: Hudson, two other longtime members step down

5thCDDemsFred Hudson, longtime chair of the 5th Congressional District, has decided to step down from that post, effective last month. Hudson has duties with the DNC and wanted to make sure that the 5th District Committee was getting the attention it needs.

In addition, two other longtime members will be stepping down as of the reorganization convention in May. Phil Burnette, who has held a key fundraising role as perennial chair of the annual dinner that raises money for the committee’s work, will be leaving the committee in May. He is from Henry County, and was also chair of that committee for many years. Phil is the chair of the committee since Hudson stepped down.

Frank Poynter of Appomattox County is another longtime member leaving in May. Frank is a dedicated member of the committee, filling many roles in the activities of the committee. Frank is a great guy, and has worked hard in his community and on the committee.

All of this comes shortly after redistricting added 3 counties to the 5th District, making it one of the largest districts in a multi-state region. Previously, it had more land mass than the State of New Jersey. I haven’t bothered to compare what state the newly-configured district might resemble in land area.

Hudson held this committee together for years after some very rough times in which the committee was mismanaged by someone whose political loyalties were in question. The committee has prospered under Fred, and I thank him for that. I was a member of the committee for a few years, and I would serve again willingly.

There is a void to be filled on this committee, and I hope the transition is smooth, and that the committee continues to prosper and remain effective in its work.


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