Quick hits 03/25/13

QuickHitsJust a few articles you may have missed:

  • Port Authority decision tomorrow. The Virginia Port Authority will decide Tuesday on who will run the port. This is big – and has huge implications for Hampton Roads as well as the entire commonwealth.
  • Cuccinelli opines on transportation and Medicaid. Attorney General/gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli offered his opinion – at the request of best bud, Del. Bob Marshall, on two pieces of legislation coming out of the just-completed General Assembly session. Del. Scott Surovell was not amused: The logic used by the AG on Medicaid was dismissed as applying in a similar situation. What the governor will do with these two bills will be known shortly, as today is the deadline for him to act on legislation.
  • Republican fight over primaries? I’d love to be a fly on the wall at the upcoming GOP convention. This is the latest twist in what to watch for when they gather in May. Will they change the method of nomination for all their candidates? State law currently allows incumbent office holders to choose the method of nomination and efforts to change the law have failed.
  • SCOTUS marriage equality arguments Tuesday and Wednesday. The Supreme Court will hear arguments in two marriage equality cases this week. The two cases are not the same and address two separate issues related to the questions raised. This interactive gives an overview of how the court could ultimately rule. In the meantime, we have Karl Rove opining on “This Week” that the next Republican presidential candidate could support marriage equality, and Sen. Claire McCaskill coming out in favor.

I’m sure I missed some important ones. Feel free to share in the comments.