Who’s running: House of Delegates

general assemblyAll 100 seats in the House of Delegates will be on the ballot this fall. Here are the Hampton Roads candidates. * = incumbent

21st District (Parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach)
Susan Hippen (D)
Ron Villanueva* (R) Virginian-Pilot endorsement

64th District (Parts of Suffolk, Franklin as well as the counties of Prince George, Surry, Sussex, Southampton and Isle of Wight)
Rick Morris* (R)

75th District (All of Brunswick and Greensville counties and Emporia, as well as parts of Franklin and the counties of Dinwiddie, Isle of Wight, Lunenberg, Southampton, Sussex and Surry)
Roslyn Tyler* (D)
Al Peschke (R)

76th District (Parts of Suffolk and Chesapeake)
Chris Jones* (R)

77th District (Parts of Chesapeake and Suffolk)
Lionell Spruill Sr.* (D)

78th District (Part of Chesapeake)
Linda Bryant (D) Virginian-Pilot endorsement
John Cosgrove* (R) – (technically still on the ballot right now but is running for the Senate in August special election)
Daniel Foster (Libertarian)
James A Leftwich, Jr. (R)
Brent VanNorman (I)

79th District (Parts of Portsmouth and Norfolk)
Johnny Joannou* (D)

80th District (Parts of Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk)
Matthew James* (D)

81st District (Parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach)
Barry Knight* (R)

82nd District (Part of Virginia Beach)
Bill DeSteph (R)
Bill Fleming (D)
Virginian-Pilot non-endorsement

83rd District (Parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk)
Chris Stolle* (R)

84th District (Part of Virginia Beach)
Glenn Davis (R) Virginian-Pilot endorsement
Brent McKenzie (D)

85th District (Part of Virginia Beach)
Bill Dale (D) Virginian-Pilot endorsement
Scott Taylor (R)

89th District (Part of Norfolk)
Kimberly Adams (I) failed to qualify for the ballot
Daun Hester* (D)

90th District (Parts of Norfolk and Virginia Beach)
Algie Howell* (D)

91st District (Parts of Hampton, York County, and Poquoson)
Gordon Helsel* (R)

92nd District (Part of Hampton)
Jeion Ward* (D)

93rd District (Parts of Newport News, James City County, Williamsburg, and York County)
Monty Mason (D)
Mike Watson* (R) Daily Press endorsement

94th District (Part of Newport News)
Rob Farinholt (D) Daily Press endorsement
David Yancey* (R)

95th District (Parts of Newport News and Hampton)
Mamye BaCote* (D) Daily Press endorsement
John Bloom (R)

96th District (Parts of James City County and York County)
Brenda Pogge* (R)

100th District (Parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk. All of the Eastern Shore)
Lynwood Lewis* (D)
John W. Smith, Jr. (I)

Last update: 10/23/13


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    1. I’ve updated the list to include the candidates on the Peninsula. And one of the candidates failed to qualify. So we have a total of eight contested races. Of course, only a few of these will be competitive.

  1. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” Marc Anthony of Julius Caesar – William Shakespeare.
    These incidents involving Virginia’s first family is truly a contemporary tragedy. The slew of bones from closet skeletons revealed, have not only besmirched the first family’s righteousness but, reflects poorly on Virginia’s politicians to the rest of America. Personally, I am somewhat embarrassed in responding to satirical comments from out-of-state friends and relatives. This is veraciously disagreeable.

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