VA Ethics reform

AG Ken Cuccinelli has called for a special session on ethics reform but support for it is lacking.  Perhaps it is because of this

And this cartoon, from today’s paper, may also be part of the problem (click to enlarge).

Cuccinelli_WaltTaylor080713The folks in charge really aren’t interested in doing anything about this. They think we live in an era where Gov. McDonnell’s behavior is an anomaly. I guess it’s going to take widespread corruption to get them to do something.  I’ll bet even a McDonnell indictment won’t do it.



One thought on “VA Ethics reform

  1. Politically, most members of the GA ought to realize that it’s a terrible, terrible idea to jump onto this particular issue. The scandal currently belongs to Bob McDonnell and (to a lesser extent) to Ken Cuccinelli, but it’s mostly contained to McDonnell because he’s the focus of the criminal investigation. If a special session is convened to discuss the lax ethics rules that McDonnell flaunted, then

    (a) The state legislature takes ownership of the rules that McDonnell exploited;
    (b) The special session will be guarantee a spotlight on the McDonnell scandal as the dominant story of the 2013 election cycle; and
    (c) Every incumbent will have a recent voting record for his opponent to exploit.

    Ken’s smart enough to realize this, too, but it’s not like Ken’s above pushing every other member of his party under a bus if it’ll make his own election marginally easier.

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