McDonnell sentencing today

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be sentenced today. The Washington Post has a live blog up, as does The Virginian-Pilot. The recommendation is a sentence of 10-12 years. Maureen McDonnell, the former first lady, will not be sentenced today. Her sentencing is set for mid-February. I'll be joining Bearing Drift's Jim Hoeft on WVEC … Continue reading McDonnell sentencing today


McDonnell verdict: reaction

You've probably seen most, if not all, of the statements released yesterday in the wake of the verdicts in the McDonnells case. Nevertheless, I figured I'd post the ones I received, in case you haven't. Senator Mark Warner: The jury has spoken. This is a sad day for Virginia. I have known and worked with … Continue reading McDonnell verdict: reaction

Opinion, please: McDonnell trial

The trial of former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife is, mercifully, coming to an end. Nearly every newspaper and TV station in the state has had reporters there, day after day. If you haven't seen the coverage, you must have been living under a rock 🙂 I've been doing a few TV appearances about … Continue reading Opinion, please: McDonnell trial

ICYMI: Which version of McDonnell is the real one?

My latest op-ed, title above, appeared in The Virginian-Pilot Thursday. I couldn't help but think of the thesis (pdf) which figured so prominently in the 2009 gubernatorial election once it was discovered. (I wrote some about it at the time.) If nothing else, it was clear that Bob McDonnell revered the traditional family: a working … Continue reading ICYMI: Which version of McDonnell is the real one?

Local McDonnell trial coverage

Jim Hoeft, of Bearing Drift, and I will be appearing on WVEC's 5:30pm newscast today to offer our thoughts on the trial of former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. We will be appearing once or twice a week as the trial, which started this morning, progresses. The trial is expected to last five … Continue reading Local McDonnell trial coverage

Maureen (& Bob) McDonnell’s stock purchases

When the news broke Friday that Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell had purchased stock in Start Scientific - not once, but twice - without Governor Bob McDonnell's knowledge, the accountant in me went straight to the tax implications. Bill Burck, an attorney for the first lady, said she purchased 6,000 shares of Star stock on … Continue reading Maureen (& Bob) McDonnell’s stock purchases

VA Ethics reform

AG Ken Cuccinelli has called for a special session on ethics reform but support for it is lacking.  Perhaps it is because of this And this cartoon, from today's paper, may also be part of the problem (click to enlarge). The folks in charge really aren't interested in doing anything about this. They think … Continue reading VA Ethics reform

A flood

For a while, the revelations of Gov. Bob McDonnell's financial non-disclosures were like the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet. The spigot was opened a bit with the revelation of the $6,500 Rolex watch and even wider with the Final Four trip. Last night's bombshell Washington Post report, carried in both The Virginian-Pilot and … Continue reading A flood