Women’s Strike Force endorsements, distributions

WSF_EndorsementsThe Women’s Strike Force has so far endorsed  22 candidates for this fall’s House of Delegates elections. Nineteen of them are challengers and three are running for open seats. All of them are, as the endorsement page says, “pro-choice and adamantly opposed to the mandatory ultrasound and personhood bills supported by the current or previous incumbents.” Hampton Roads candidates so far endorsed by the WSF are Rob Farinholt (94th), Bill Fleming (82nd), Susan Hippen (21st),  Monty Mason (93rd), and Brent McKenzie (84th).

Last week, WSF announced its first round of funding distributions. A total of $42,000 was distributed amongst ten candidates.

“Our funding announcement is a reaffirmation of our mission to challenge the outspoken extremists who voted to deny women the right to their own reproductive healthcare decisions,” says board member Margaret Vanderhye. “From now through this election and beyond, we will continue to raise funds, recruit volunteers and promote our mission to help elect legislators who will support women’s reproductive rights, and we invite others to join with us for this important cause.”

There are a lot of organizations out there vying for our time, attention and, of course, money. The WSF’s very specific mission is an important one in the fight for women’s rights. Do what you can to help out.

Disclosure: I am a member of the board of the WSF.


3 thoughts on “Women’s Strike Force endorsements, distributions

  1. Interesting there is no endorsement in the 85 .The the Democrats have at least a fighting if not a financial chance. Sometimes its better not to endorse for purely tactical reasons. One can argue tactically that GOP in districts 21, 82, and 84 may have benefited more then the recipients of the endorsements did.

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