On the radio talking Virginia politics

Radio_iStock_000004129517Small__7wc2hh__Generally, Cathy Lewis’ HearSay is live on WHRO at noon Mondays through Thursdays. However, Tuesday’s show was taped – and no doubt it was the ungodly 9am taping Monday morning that made me forget about it 😦 It wasn’t until I got a tweet from somebody during Tuesday’s airing that I remembered – and by that time, I was in the middle of something else that prevented me from alerting y’all to listen. Lucky for you, though, the podcast of the show is available (or you can press play below). In addition to me, CNU professor Dr. Quentin Kidd and radio host John Frederick were Cathy’s guests.

For those wondering how I managed to refute Frederick’s “Obamacare math” characterization of my comments about the 6th Senate, take a look at VPAP’s numbers on the district here and here, which I had in front of me at the time.  Obviously, Frederick needs to spend some more time on learning not only the districts but the potential candidates. Despite the sparseness of his Wikipedia entry, it does show that Lynnwood Lewis was born on the Eastern Shore.

It’s always fun to talk politics 🙂


5 thoughts on “On the radio talking Virginia politics

  1. Definitely a step down. Obviously John Frederick has never been to Ghent, one of the few places in the Hampton Roads region where you could get close to general election turnout in a special election. Cathy Lewis needs higher standards because Quentin Kidd is a joke too. Aside from your comments, that whole show was like the conventional wisdom echo chamber.

    1. Just be glad she’s finally offering some balance. The panel on her political shows used to consist of Kidd and a Republican professor from Regent.

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