Battle is at it again

Perennial candidate Sherry Battle-Edmonds, formerly known as Sherry White Battle, is up to old tricks again. First, she tried to use photos of herself with Rep. Bobby Scott and State Senator Henry Marsh on her website. The pictures were taken at Scott’s Labor Day picnic. Both Scott and Marsh deny endorsing Battle-Edmonds, who is running for Commissioner of the Revenue as an independent.

In my mailbox Thursday, I received a flier from Battle-Emonds, which included a quote from Rep. Scott Rigell, along with photos of her with the Norfolk Republican Women’s Club. I tweeted the mailer (front, back) and noted that the group who paid for it was not listed on VPAP.  Rep. Rigell confirmed to me in a text message that he had not said anything about Battle-Edmonds. This newspaper story on the subject says that the group who paid for the mailer is represented by John Hill.  Although not noted in the article, most folks know him as John Wesley Hill. I’m surprised the article didn’t mention that The Virginian-Pilot masthead is shown on the mailer twice – which makes it appear that the newspaper has endorsed her. It hasn’t – the paper endorsed Evans Poston.

Hill was the Republican candidate for Treasurer in 2005 and, I’m told, has been trying to get the Norfolk Republican Party to endorse Battle-Edmonds. Battle-Edmonds, was also a candidate for treasurer in 2005. Back then – and in her prior runs for office – she claimed to be the “True Democrat” in the race. As the Democratic nominee in that contest, I have found it quite amusing that the “True Democrat” has been pursuing Republican support this time around. I’ve gotten reports of her attending the Republican Party of Virginia Beach’s breakfast, as well as the Party On The Pier, which was started by Thelma Drake and is now hosted by Chris Stolle.

What Battle-Edmonds and her new BFF John Wesley Hill are up to now just continues to amaze. NCDCVoterGuide

The Norfolk City Democratic Committee produced a voter guide for its candidates, as it does nearly every cycle. The inside of the tri-fold is shown to the left. (Click to enlarge.)

BattleVoterGuideBattle and Hill have put out a sample ballot that is virtually identical to the NCDC one – with a notable exception: the picture of Democratic nominee Evans Poston has been replaced with that of Battle-Edmonds. And the box on the left has been replaced with a photo of Battle-Edmonds and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. Battle-Edmonds’ version of the sample ballot makes it appear as if McAuliffe supports her.

If that sounds familiar, then you were around in 2005. Back then, among the many things that Sherry did was to take a photo with then gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine and pass it off as if he had endorsed her. That photo prompted Kaine to (finally) endorse me. Note that even after she was told to stop using the photo, she used it in an ad in the New Journal & Guide just before Election Day.

That Sherry Battle-Edmonds is even around to cause this kind of mischief is because those in power have no balls. Battle-Edmonds was charged with a felony violation of election laws as the result of ads she ran against me in 2005. Back then, she hid behind another group that didn’t exist as far as the State Board of Elections was concerned. The charges were reduced, with the felony dropped, and she paid a fine, because her attorney argued that she had no “intent” to break the law. The judge was wrong: she knew exactly what she was doing when she made up the name of an organization and paid for the campaign ads using her campaign check. Had she won the election, I’ve no doubt they would have found her guilty. But since she didn’t, it was more of “no harm, no foul” and they let it go.

And let her continue to do the same kind of stuff again and again.

This time, though, it’s John Wesley Hill who’s going to get into the biggest trouble, not Battle-Edmonds. His group has not registered with the SBE.

But Sherry’s not off the hook. Both the Rigell mailer and the voter guide lack the “authorized by” piece. Given that her website and phone number are on the Rigell mailer, she should have authorized it.

Whatever credibility John Wesley Hill may have had is gone – and for what? There’s no way Battle-Edmonds wins this race. Yes, she will get some publicity out of it but when everything she does results in negative publicity, the result will be the same: she won’t win. Evans Poston will be the Commissioner of Revenue in Norfolk.

And we wonder why folks don’t run for office.

UPDATE: It occurred to me after I posted this that all this directed at Poston just doesn’t make sense. If it were directed at Anthony Burfoot, the candidate for treasurer, it would me much easier to understand. After all, it was John Wesley Hill who tried to get Burfoot removed from his position as deputy treasurer shortly after he was appointed. In fact, it was rumored early on that Sherry was going to file to run – for what would have been the third time – for treasurer, not commissioner. I have to wonder who else is behind this.


28 thoughts on “Battle is at it again

  1. If she wasnt running we would not have a choice at all. She said she is a Democrat, so what? The Poston guy will most likely be a puppet for the city council. At least we know that Battle will stand up to them. Shes got my vote.

      1. No they dont, but being endorsed by the council is a negative to me. The city council is not transparent at all. And they bullied the current commissioner because she was not reporting when people were behind on property taxes and have people more time to pay. But the city wanted more money to waste. I’m voting for Sherry because the Poston guy will be another pawn for them…

          1. The commissioner has “implied” powers. She was doing the right thing by trying to make the office more accessible and easy for businesses to deal with. One business said this “”My family has been in the automobile business in Norfolk since 1938,” he said. “We’ve paid a lot of taxes to the city. The end result of this payment plan has been helping a business that’s been around for a long time.”

            Norfolk is really stabbing itself in the back by putting in elected officials who only serve themselves. Sharon McDonald did a great job as commissioner.

  2. We received this bogus flyer today! If it hadn’t been for your post, I would have thought that she was endorsed by the NCDC! In small letters, it states “Paid for by Concerned Community Citizens Group”. UGH!

  3. Great analysis and right on the money. You have it right– no way she wins this race– but the fact she didn’t do time for a felony speaks volumes as to the so-called rule of law in Virginia.

  4. I did look and in 2005 if you had gotten her vote tally then you would have won the election. So maybe her presence on the ballot cost you that election?

  5. Memo to John Wesley Hill: why would the NRP endorse Sherry Battle-Edmonds?!? Please, seriously?

    In addition, I’d love to see the IRS audit her. Given the transparent liberties she’s taking on campaign materials, imagine what her business ledgers must look like. 🙂 Happy hunting.

  6. Thank you Ms. Page for reminding us that there are still scallywags out there who moronically believe that you “Can fool all the people all the time.”

    Perhaps in this case the larceny has something to do with the protagonist’s three word names, like John Wayne Gacy, James Earl Ray, etc.

  7. I keep wanting to give Sherry Battle-Edmonds the benefit of the doubt–that she keeps desperately seeking the nomination of whatever political party will have her on her way to getting blown out of the water for the Nth time is frankly sad–but damned if she doesn’t keep making it impossible for me to ignore the fact that she’s an unrepentant scofflaw.

  8. Sherry Battle is a Democrat. I dont get what the big deal is. She ran in 2009 for the Democratic nomination.

    Evans Poston is NOT qualified for this position. He is an insurance broker who is the son of a judge. So how does that qualify him? Norfolk would be embarrassed to have him as their commissioner. Sherry Battle is the only candidate to represent the taxpayers and not the special interests!

  9. Being that you were in a race against Sherry Battle, I feel like this article is more biased and more-so more of your opinion than an actual factual/fair article. Thanks for your words, but no thanks. I’m going with who’s more qualified. GO SHERRY GO

  10. And being friends as you indicated before with Poston’s family… And also the fact that Sherry Battle ran against you makes this all bias and we cant ignore the facts. Trying to tear down Sherry Battle but most of the voters will not be reading the trash that the newspaper prints up. All of what you are saying is speculation… “Who is behind this?”

    Perhaps you should investigate Poston. But Im sure you wont. An insurance broker thats unemployed running for a 100k plus city position. The son of a judge with ties to the city government who has all come behind him. Does that sound off an alarm to you? It would not if you are in their pockets.

    1. Kev – now you’re taking a page from Sherry’s playbook. I gave you the facts, with links. My opinion is fact-based – always is, always will be. Sherry is pretty good at tearing down herself.

      It is a fact that she lied on the Rigell mailer. It is a fact that she is not the Democratic nominee. It is a fact that John Wesley Hill is the contact of a PAC that is not registered with the SBE.

      And it is not speculation to wonder who is else is behind it. It’s a statement.

      Finally – let me remind you of my Comment Policy. Personal attacks are not permitted. You can argue content all day long. But attacks on anyone here, including me, will not be permitted.

      1. There were no personal attacks. Its just a statement that it seems that you have not offered anything on Poston’s background, you have just focused on Sherry Battle. I am not the only one questioning why this is happening on here. A lot of people in Norfolk are wondering why all these people are trying to take her out. You are also publishing “it is rumored” so that is what it is … speculation and rumors.

        1. The personal attack was in the “But Im sure you wont” part. The saying “you are in their pockets” part. Not to mention your “insurance broker thats unemployed” part, which isn’t even true.

          And now the “it’s rumored” BS. Try reading what I wrote in the context of what I wrote.

          To say that I’ve “focused” on Sherry is ridiculous – this is the only post I’ve written about her.

          And I don’t have a clue as to why you think that I have any responsibility to post about anyone’s background. It’s my blog – I get to choose what I want – or don’t want – to post.

          No one is making you read it. But if you can’t be civil, then you will be banned from posting.

  11. Jason, I am also getting tired of people making things up out of thin air. Theyre entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. I guess they’re all afraid that Sherry Battle is going to win this election.

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