Pilot endorsements roundup: 13/14

Virginian PilotI did pretty well with my predictions on who The Virginian-Pilot would endorse this cycle, including the one statewide contest that I managed to get in before they endorsed. I missed one – the Portsmouth sheriff’s race.  And it appears that there will not be an endorsement in one race – the 100th House.

It is difficult to measure the value of a newspaper’s endorsement, so whether the endorsed candidates will go on to win is another thing entirely. But I believe there is value in garnering the endorsement, particularly for down ballot contests.

These campaigns don’t have the resources that the top of the ticket has. They have to work a lot harder to get their message out. Much has been written about how the electorate in Virginia’s off-year elections is far different from that of presidential years, most notably that it is older – the very demographic that reads the newspaper. Campaigns are always looking for earned media – and a newspaper endorsement is about the best earned media a candidate can get.

I’ve updated my “Who’s Running” series (House, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach) with links to the newspaper endorsements, including those of the Daily Press.

The Pilot released Voter Guides for all of the contests on the south side of Hampton Roads. Worth a look.