voteartistic.jpgCongratulations to the winners, condolences to the non-winners. Thanks to all who ran.

And thanks to all who voted.



3 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. WHEW!

    That was too damn close last night!

    The so-called political gurus on the McAuliffe campaign came scary close to ending Terry’ s political career once and for all with their moronic, and totally unnecessary negative campaign.

    Now all the talking bad hairdos on TV are regurgitating their line from President Obama’s reelection, “He defined Romney (Cuccinelli) early,” as “President Obama’s (Governor Elect McAuliffe’s) key to victory,” which in this case is a total crock of steaming 100% bovine excrement.

    Cuccinelli had already defined himself, especially over the last 4-years, as the Grand Wizard of the Women & Gay Haters Klan, a race-baiter and a mouth-breathing reactionary, not only to Virginian’s, but to everyone with an IQ over 13 in America as well.

    The fact of the matter is that the McAuliffe campaign did more damage to Terry, than good, because those fools, instead of allowing Terry to run as the always positive, good and honorable man he is, they stupidly dragged him down into the political sewer that is the 24/7/365 habitat of the Wingnutz and Teatards.

    Coming so close on the heels of 18-months of non-stop nastiness – the GOP primaries, the Presidential election, sequester, shutdown, etc. – voters everywhere were (and still are) starving for a positive and uplifting campaign, and no one on the Planet was better positioned to run that campaign than Terry.

    Instead of following his own advice about never trusting “political consultants” he stressed in his book, “What a Party,” he allowed himself to be coerced into becoming just another bile-spewing politician, that America and the Commonwealth are so abhorrent of.

    Terry is light-years better than the candidate he ran as, and now he needs to do everything he possibly can to power-wash off the slime he’s covered himself with, and be the positive, fence-mending, Virginia Gentleman I, for one, know him to be!

    1. “Cuccinelli had already defined himself, especially over the last 4-years–”

      I’m going to skip your invective, but you’re absolutely right that Cuccinelli established–and indeed actively encouraged–his own reputation as an uncompromising hardliner.

      Truth be told, Cuccinelli can be a personable guy when you actually meet him, and on the small scale of a state senate district, he had enough personal relationships to counterbalance his ill-fitting political views. Buried three offices down on the 2009 ticket, he got relatively little scrutiny while running for AG. Once he’d held elected office for four years, though? People had a pretty good feeling who Ken Cuccinelli was even without Terry Mac’s help. He was judged no only for his social views but also for his persistent desire to associate himself with the Tea Party–while a lot of people will conclude this was a referendum on women’s rights, for a lot of NOVA voters, it was also a referendum on the Tea Party-led government shutdown.

      Having gotten that out of the way, Terry Mac may not have had to define Cuccinelli, but he certainly had to define what this election was going to be about, and that’s what those negative ads managed to do for him.

      Thank God for TiVo; I managed to go three weeks without more than a couple of ads.

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