Video: Norfolk Mayoral & Ward 5 candidates forum

Last Tuesday evening, two of the three candidates for mayor along with the two candidates for Ward 5 participated in a candidates forum at Granby High School. Video of the forum, in two parts because my battery ran out, is below.


4 thoughts on “Video: Norfolk Mayoral & Ward 5 candidates forum

  1. I attended the forum and was shocked when Smigiel’s opponent called him ineffective. What an opening he gave to Smigiel to list many things that he has accomplished in Ward 5. If his opponent had done his homework or had followed Ward 5 on the web for the past four years he would have been aware of the progress made. To bad Smigiel didn’t have enough time to list many more of his accomplishments. Smigiel has been a very effective leader and a voice for the people of Ward 5.

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